w e b u i l d m a s s p r o d u c t i o n h o u s e s
High-growth areas, in need of social houses or other ranges in high quantities, we are mobilizing our efforts and expertise to develop unique solutions that meet needs. We have solutions that facilitate the establishment of a complete community including all services, living environment and economic activities. Few companies have developed this type of solution. Africa and America with populations in constant progression, the Caribbean with extreme storms, we make accessible quality residences, a home and a quality of life for all.
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we are working to improve living areas for all
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we produce quality homes
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w e b u i l d m a s s p r o d u c t i o n h o u s e s
w e p r o p o s e v a r i e t y a n d h i g h s p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Our houses are made of steel and concrete. We have a system and a technology, from design to final inspection of the units. Responding to the Eurocode, adapted to local needs and realities, our designs and our engineering will harmonize with all forms, criteria and constraints. Our system and our patented technology, allow with our rigorous processes to mass produce all projects of houses. The establishment of a factory, the hiring of local labor, the transfer of know-how are also important spinoffs.
The coating of our houses is concrete. The exterior walls have excellent insulation against fire, heat exchange, pests (insects, fungi), and the steel structure can withstand earthquakes and bad weather conditions. The choice of finishing components, execution and quality controls ensure a meticulous aesthetic and attention to detail that meets the needs of demanding buyers. Backed by a ten-year warranty, our homes are quality and inexpensive. The industrialization of our procedures and processes, our centralized purchasing activity and an efficient execution ensures that your needs are met and the targeted populations are satisfied.
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we care about the quality of life
Why us we build for the future
b u i l d i n g a b e t t e r t o m o r r o w
You can give someone a mosquito net with insecticide, but having a window that you can close makes a huge difference. A study found the need for adequate housing to be “particularly acute” in Africa, since the continent has the fastest growing population in the world, predicted to rise from 1.2 billion people from 2015 to 2.5 billion people by 2050. As a company, instead of financing research and development to help developing a vaccin against sickness, we just help by building affortable houses and communities services. We have the knowhow to build mass production of houses.
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w e p r o p o s e v a r i e t y a n d h i g h s p e c i f i c a t i o n s
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Our company is committed to helping people. Providing resources and providing supports are approaches that many have adopted. To offer a complete solution for populations with longevity, values, growth and to improve the standard of living for all with an economic activity, that is our approach. We are to provide a missing link in economic activity and global balance, in networking and existing relationships between populations. We have developed it. Our company is committed to delivering results and a future for people. The added value of our projects provides healthy results for everyone : the population, employees, suppliers, partners, collaborators and customers.
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« Ghana has a housing deficit of 1.7 Million housing units as of 2018. To address this issue, the Ministry of Housing in Ghana has proposed an annual delivery of 85,000 homes over the next decade. »
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« Rwanda had the world’s fastest urbanization rate from 2010-2015, according to U.N.An estimated 344,000 new homes are needed at Kigali by 2022 to house 70 percent of residents currently living in informal settlements. »
« Affordable mortgages in Africa typically have interest rates of more than 20%, which puts formal housing even further out of reach for the average city-dweller. »
« A recent survey related to housing by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics revealed that Uganda has a housing deficit of approximately 1.7 million habitable housing units. It is reported that Kampasla alone has a housing deficit of 550,000 units. »
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« South Africa being a significant backdrop of well developed finance sector and property markets, suffers a deficit of nearly 2.5 million homes. Despite good credit markets, the access to mortgage finance is highly limited to high income earners.. »
« Etc.... »
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Can a low cost home be durable and maintenance free?
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Please note, we are not selling units but we are doing projects for governments, land owners and other private entities. You can send us email, we have representatives in many countries. For inquiry, please contact us, we will reply shorthly : info@pwg-alliance.com
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